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Trends for Kids Parties 2020 - Part I

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

In 2019 we have seen a visible wave of highly customisation and unique themes, called emotional themes such as panda, deer, fox, llama, flamingo, zebra and swan, cloud, star, flower, heart, fruit and everything that has it to do with the child's personality, such as favourite music, a hobby, a profession or the preferred colour.

2020 won't be different, celebrating special moments on a luxurious and unique style is what we are focus on, and nothing better than celebrating with a theme that is personally related with ourselves or our loved ones. This will make your celebration unique and unforgettable, the emotional bond will be stronger and you will share the same feeling with your guests and relatives.

Looking for something colourful and cheerful, we can cite a daring party style that many are calling "La Fiesta" because of the Mexican footprint. Composed of elements such as: cactus, llamas, desert, Mexico and Boho style. This great mix contains several worked elements where you can focus on just one or make a great mix. Boho is present in prints, vivid colours, geometric shapes and different textures. The flower arrangements are also more deconstructed.

The use of several sideboards and supports will continue high trendy for the upcoming parties. The movement of the deconstructed elements began with the bow of balloons, then with the sideboards with sweets, cakes and now with the composition of the main table. The element adds more feeling to the setting and leaves the decor more intimate to the guests.

We can't wait to share with you the colour trends for 2020 and some additional elements that will bring uniqueness to your celebration. Stay tuned and we will be delighted to share more and more of our passion for creating happy moments in style.

Carla Domingues

Creative Director

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